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Shared Calendar

Mark important days and events on the calendar that you want everyone to be aware of. Also, easily import pre-made calendar content created for you by Mobile Yaka team every month.

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Mark your anniversaries and events on the company calendar to ensure easy access to your special days throughout the year.

With the shared calendar, important days are effectively shared within the organization and employees wont't miss them!

Ability to Mark Important Days

You can add official holidays, events, or important days for the organization to the calendar.

Create Categories

Categories keep your calendar organized.

Collect Event Attendance Status

Gather information on how many people will attend your events, along with any additional notes, with just one click.

Automatic Push Notifications

You can set the calendar to send notifications when an event is created.

Pre-made Calendar Contents

Calendar content for many local and international holidays and various special days, such as International Women's Day, World Water Day, World Autism Awareness Day, is regularly uploaded to Mobil Yaka. You can import your favorites to your own calendar with a single click.

QR Code Feature

Give employees faster access to shared calendars using the QR code feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions on your mind? We're here with answers.

Do the employees receive notifications whan I create an event in the calendar?
Yes, you can choose to send a notification along with the record you created.
Can I choose only the content I want from the pre-made calendars?
Yes, you can choose what you want from the content and import it to your own panel with just one click.
Can I create different categories in the company calendar?
Yes, you can add categories and ensure that each appears in a different color.
Can I modify to the pre-made calendar content?
Yes, you can make any desired changes to the content you have imported into your own calendar.
Can I pre-fill all the important days of the year in the company calendar?
Yes, you can enter as many entries as you want, even well in advance of the actual event day.
I am going to organize an in-house event. How can I collect attendance information from the system?
All you need to do for this is to create the event and activate the "collect attendance information" option. Users can easily submit attendance status information from the mobile application and it is instantly reflected in the reports.

Mark your anniversaries and events on the company calendar to ensure easy access to your special days throughout the year.

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