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Capture your employees' thoughts and moods directly in the field. Ensure that every employee's voice is heard, enabling you to make informed decisions supported by real-time data.

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Effortlessly collect feedback and take actions with the Survey app. The company's commitment to valuing and evaluating employee feedback fosters high levels of employee engagement.

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Make your employees feel heard, build up a feedback culture.

Create surveys about employee satisfaction, performance evaluations, employee engagement to take corrective actions and continuously propel your organization forward.

Anonymous Surveys

Control whether employee information is collected in the surveys.

Instant Access to Results

Export survey result reports, transform feedback data into information and action through comprehensive analysis.

Achieve High Participation

Effortlessly publish surveys with high participation rates through Mobil Yaka. Automatically send push notifications and reminders when a survey is published.

Diverse Response Types

When creating surveys, address various feedback needs by including different response types, such as open-ended text, multiple-choice, date, etc.

QR Code Feature

Give employees faster access to surveys using the QR code feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions on your mind? We're here with answers.

What is the survey app?
Mobil Yaka Survey app enables you to create, distribute and analyze surveys or questionnaires within the app.
What is the difference between "Surveys" and "Votings" apps?
Votings allows you tu gather quick and concise feedback with smiley faces (emojis), stars and numerical ratings, while surveys enable you to collect more comprehensive and detailed feedback. In surveys, you can use various question types such as multiple-choice, date selection, or free-text fields.
Can the identity information of individuals who respond to a survey conducted anonymously be accessed?
No, in surveys conducted anonymously, nobody can access the participants' name information, including the admin.
Can I conduct surveys on Employee Satisfaction, Performance Evaluation, etc.?
Yes, you can conduct any kind of survey you need in your organization with Mobil Yaka.
Are there pre-made survey templates in Mobil Yaka?
Yes, Mobil Yaka provides pre-made survey templates that you can use immediately. You can use the pre-made surveys as they are or customize them according to your needs. In addition to categories such as career development, workplace satisfaction, communication, and sustainability, you'll also find some fun surveys ready to use in Mobil Yaka.

Instantly access the survey results using Mobil Yaka, streamline reporting to upper management, and make data-supported decisions.

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