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Mobil Yaka has a built-in Contacts app where you can adjust the privacy settings for individuals and departments.


Communicating with your colleagues is now easier than ever

Common Contacts

You can add common contacts that everyone may need to access, such as reception, company doctor or security personnel.

Privacy Control

The Contacts app is fully compliant with your privacy requirements, ensuring the privacy of individuals.

User Profiles

Employee information can be viewed in Employee Profile Cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions on your mind? We're here with answers.

Is all employees' information public to all users?
No, only the profiles you want to be public are visible to everyone and people in the same department can also see each other's contact details.
What information is available in the Contacts app?
Name, surname, phone and e-mail information is visible to other users.
How do I add contact information?
The contact information is entered when creating new users or editing existing users.
Can I add information such as emergency number, supplier contact information, reception number to the directory?
Yes, you can add any kind of contact information.

Reach your team instantly with Mobil Yaka, get rid of the confusion of where the contact information is in emergencies!

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