For work safety,

Prevent Accidents Before They Happen

Capture photos of hazardous situations in your workspace with your mobile phone and instantly share them with the relevant authorities.

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With the Near Miss app, you can proactively take measures to prevent accidents, reducing concerns related to occupational health and safety.

Risk Tracking System

You will have a risk tracking system in compliance with quality standards.

Instant Actions

Authorities are instantly notified, leading to an increased rate of accident prevention.

Easy Reporting

Every report is recorded and monitored easily.

Activity Planning

Mobil Yaka assists you in planning corrective and preventive actions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions on your mind? We're here with answers.

Can I define multiple Near Miss liables?
Yes, you can define as many Near Miss liables as you want.
Can I add descriptions to the photos I take and send from my mobile phone?
Yes, you can choose the relevant risk category when sending the photo (e.g., electrical leakage, lack of helmet, not wearing protective goggles, etc.) and additionally enter your own comments.
How will the liables/authorities be notified of my Near Miss reports?
The individuals authorized to monitor Near Miss reports will receive an email containing the photo, description text, category, and sender information. Additionally, Near Miss liables can analyze these reports from the Mobil Yaka Management Portal whenever they want.

Mobil Yaka assists you in proactively taking measures to prevent accidents, reducing concerns related to occupational health and safety.

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