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Send notifications to reach employees instantly.


Instant Communication

Convey short text messages to employees through notifications. For example: "You are expected in the accounting department." "Our Happy Hour event will start at 3:00 PM."

Automated Notifications

When you create any content in Mobil Yaka, employees receive push notifications. Clicking on the notification opens the relevant content without the need to navigate within the application.

File Sharing

Attach and share files within a notification to easily distribute them to your employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions on your mind? We're here with answers.

Can I send notifications only to specific departments?
You can choose to send notifications to specific individuals or groups by selecting them individually, or you can broadcast them in a way that all company employees can see.
When I create content such as news or surveys, are notifications sent automatically?
Whether the notification is sent automatically when content is published depends on your choice. Clicking on the notification opens the relevant content directly.

Send push notifications to employees and share updates with Mobil Yaka.

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