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Deliver all mandatory and optional trainings to your employees through Mobil Yaka, regardless of time or location. Support development within your organization.

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Encourage Continuous Learning by Moving Corporate Trainings to Mobile Devices

Evaluate Test Results Issue Certificates

Facilitating a mobile learning environment has never been easier. Employees can access the trainings anytime, anywhere. Create training modules such as onboarding, job safety, and professional development, and assess knowledge through tests.

Observe Development

You can manage the participation status and your periodic training plans from a single app.

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Time or Location Independent

Employees can complete the trainings in the way they desire without being tied to a computer or location.

Training Organization with Ease

Eliminate planning challenges such as coordinating common time slots and securing meeting room reservations for physical training sessions.

Use Multiple Sources

Use PDF, PowerPoint, video or a website as a training content.

Visual Reporting

Instantly access training results, analyze the data, and send reminders to employees who have not yet completed the training.

QR Code Feature

Give employees faster access to courses using the QR code feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions on your mind? We're here with answers.

Can I display the results of the lessons through graphs?
Yes, you can see various parameters such as participation, completion, and success rates for the lessons through graphs.
Can I set deadlines for the lessons?
Yes, you can choose the dates the lessons can be taken. You can also plan future-dated lessons.
Can I add a YouTube video as a lesson source, and how can I ensure the privacy of this video?
You can add YouTube videos to the trainings. The videos are played directly within the Mobil Yaka application. You can add a private video to your YouTube account and then include it in Mobil Yaka.
How can I ensure whether employees have actually completed their training?
You can create tests to evaluate employee's knowledge. The tests will be visible after the lessons are completed.
Is there any limit to the number of lessons? Can I create as many as I want?
You can create and publish as many lessons as you desire. There is no limit to the number of trainings.
Can I provide lessons specifically to certain individuals or groups?
Yes, you can share trainings to the desired groups or employees.

Mobil Yaka allows you to schedule and track all the necessary trainings for your employees.

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