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Completely digitize your suggestion collection process with Mobil Yaka.

Encourage individuals to share their ideas by enabling them to submit suggestions with just one click.

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Compared to legacy methods, you receive more suggestions in the digital environment, and relevant individuals are notified faster. This makes it easier to manage your regulatory preventive activities.

One-Click to Share a Suggestion

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Do not overlook the valuable insights of your employees; gather information from the field that will elevate your standards.

Anonymous or Public

Employees have the option to share their suggestions either anonymously or with their names visible. This flexibility allows them to comfortably submit confidential suggestions if desired.

Viewing and Taking Action

Define the status of suggestions, provide explanations, and, if desired, broadcast selected suggestions to all users, ensuring that constructive recommendations are visible to everyone.

Easy Sharing with Mobile

Simplifying the suggestion-sharing process results in gathering more suggestions and valuable information from the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions on your mind? We're here with answers.

Can employees submit their suggestions and complaints anonymously?
Yes, when employees submit their suggestions, they can choose whether their names will appear in the message or not.
How can I provide feedback to the person who made a suggestion?
You can write feedback for each suggestion, and the owner of the suggestion can read the feedback.
Are all suggestions visible to all users?
The visibility of the suggestion to all users depends on the choice of the employee making the suggestion and your company. When employees submit suggestions, they can choose whether their suggestions will be visible to other employees. If they choose to make it visible, it will be automatically shared with other employees or approved by the Mobil Yaka Panel administrator.

Receive suggestions with Mobil Yaka, efficiently manage regulatory activities, and enhance employee satisfaction.

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