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Reward Successful Employees

Let everyone be informed about the achievements within the company.

Publish announcements to congratulate, thank, reward or appriciate your employees to promote encouragement within the organization.

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Mobil Yaka helps the spread of positive news! Felicitations app ensures the recognition of your employees' achievements, establishes a culture of appreciation and encouragement within your organization.

Push Notifications

Notify employees when you publish a Felicitation.

Create Felicitation Templates

You can create templates for the messages you frequently use, making your work easier.

Different Ways To Congratulate

Use categories such as admiration, appreciation, congratulate, reward.

Congratulate the Entire Team at Once

Select individuals and teams to be congratulated and reward multiple employees at once with a single click.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions on your mind? We're here with answers.

Do I have to select individuals one by one to congratulate them? Can I send felicitations in bulk to individuals or groups?
You can send felicitations in bulk to individuals or groups without having to select each person individually.
Will the felicitation notifications be visible to the entire company?
When you create a congratulatory record, the entire company will be able to see that record.
Can I create felicitations for future dates?
Yes, it is possible to create felicitations for future dates.
Will a notification be sent when I create a felicitation?
Yes, you can choose to automatically send a notification when you create a felicitation if you wish.

Appreciate your employees with Mobil Yaka, have more motivated and engaged team members.

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