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Report Locations Instantly

Your employees can share their current location with you at any time and communicate with the organization in emergencies. By reporting the location and status information of employees who provide emergency information, you can respond quickly and effectively.


In all disaster situations, your company's authorities can access the status of your employees via Mobil Yaka, and you can enable your coworkers to share their locations in accordance with the hybrid working model.

Sharing Emergency Information

You can share that you are in an emergency with your company and provide information that you are safe during natural disasters.

Working Location

By sharing your working location with your company, you can bring a new perspective to the hybrid working model.

Location Tracking

Employees can share their locations anytime, and their location is displayed on the map.


You can view location history of an employee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions on your mind? We're here with answers.

I don't need the locations of the personnel. Can I hide this feature?
You can hide the modules you don't want to use in the application and Management Panel.
Can the location of the personnel be determined without their consent?
No, the location is only shared when the personnel chooses to do so.
Can I inform that I am okay in case of a disaster?
You can share your location and provide explanations along with the "I'm Okay" button to inform your company and inform your company.
What is my working location?
Sharing your working location is an option to share your working place if requested by your company.

Access and report on your employees' locations in real-time with Mobil Yaka.

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